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--Welcome to RHP&EO--

This electronic trilingual journal is freely accessible to anybody, thanks to the IUHPE, to the Public Health Agency of Canada and la Faculté des sciences infirmières de l’Université Laval. It is dedicated to international knowledge development and dissemination on health promotion and health education (Our Mission).

RHP&EO’s reviews are organized along four series

  • The first two series present critical evaluation of Health Promotion resources. The reviews are written by selected contributors from different parts of the World and a variety of backgrounds (Reviewers). Although these series are reserved for the contributors, any member of IUHPE can send a reaction to their contributions. (Guidelines)
  • The two other series are on current ‘hot’ topics in our field and open to all members of IUHPE. Just click on the guidelines for the details on how to send a paper and partake to the debate!

We also invite you to join our list of distribution and send us any comments or suggestions to improve RHP&EO.

Please see below for more content.

The editorial board

Reviews from our Contributors

Series open to IUHPE members

  • Ottawa 1986-Vancouver 2007: should the Ottawa charter be revisited ?
  • First sub-series: From Montreal to Vancouver : Last contributions in that sub-series--> Micheline Bélisle & Isabelle Laurin- Public health and poverty 12/2007


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General Information on IUHPE: cjones@iuhpe.org
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