Perspectives and Social Determinants

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Health, Illness and Wellbeing. Perspectives and Social Determinants

Editors: Pranee Liamputtong, Rebecca Fanany & Glenda Verrinder (editors)
Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2012

This book provides an introduction to some of the important ideas that underlie the field of public health and health promotion today. It is intended for readers who want to understand the forces and trends that combine to shape the health of individuals, communities, and populations. As such, this book provides the basis for a career in any of the health sciences where insight into the meaning of health will allow for the development of effective practice and greater sensitivity to the needs of the individuals and communities. This book introduces a range of topics related to health and well-being in the context of a conceptual framework of determinants of health. An examination of biological, environmental, social, cultural and economic determinants of health allows a number of current issues in public health and health promotion to be understood in terms of their causes and interrelationships. A determinants approach was chosen because it allows the reader to better comprehend the many factors that impact on health and to see the relationships between these factors. An understanding of the biological, environmental, social and cultural determinants of health supports the more nuanced conception of health required of health professionals in order to practice effectively in the modern health care context. It also provides the background against which best practice must be determined. The chapters included are intended to supply some of the building blocks for the development of professional skills, abilities, and attributes in the understanding of health, in minimising disease, and promoting health across populations. This book sits neatly within the conference themes, particularly ‘Social, Environmental and Cultural Issues in Health Promotion’.

Questions for discussion:

1. Why do we have to pay attention to determinants of health in health promotion?
2. What determinants of health that we might see more relevant to marginalised people in a local context?
3. What determinants of health that we might see more relevant to individuals and communities in a global context?

Lianne Wilson
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