IUHPE/NARO – the North American Regional Office of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) – is one of its seven regional offices around the world and comprises the US, Canada and the Caribbean. 


The goal and objectives for NARO Regional Committee in 2019-2022:


Dr. Hope Corbin

Regional Vice President

Dr. Hope Corbin, NARO Vice-President

Dr. Hope Corbin is associate professor and director of the Human Services program in the department of Health and Community Studies at Western Washington University. She has been an active member of IUHPE since 2004. Most of her favorite professional memories have taken place at IUHPE World conferences and her best professional work has been projects she undertook with IUHPE colleagues.


Hope’s scholarship focuses on intersectoral collaboration to reduce inequity in the social determinants of health. She recognizes the potential for partnership to leverage diverse ways of knowing and power for emancipatory health promotion. Hope works to uncover historical and contemporary processes that inhibit partnership to find better, more equitable ways of working, particularly in North-South collaboration. Lately, she is exploring how incorporating the arts in health promotion practice, research, and social mobilization provides a promising pathway to transformation, liberation, and healing for individuals, settings, communities and societies.  Hope serves as Vice President for the International Union for Health Promotion and Education's North American Region, Faculty Mentor to the IUHPE's Student and Early Career Network, and as Deputy Editor-in-Chief to Health Promotion International.

Work Plan