Dr. Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo

Regional Vice President (Interim)

Dr. Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo, IUHPE VP for Africa

Mary holds a PhD in social Anthropology from Cambridge University in the UK and is currently the Founder Director and Technical Adviser of the AIHD, an organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya that conducts research, training and advocacy on health and development issues. Prior to joining AIHD, Mary worked for the African Population and Research Centre, Population Council, the African Medical and Research Foundation and Kenya Medical Research Institute. Mary has provided consultancy services, including the development of a National NCD Strategy, National Social Protection Policy, Poverty Social Impact Analysis, and the Kenya Country Social Analysis. She has published widely in areas of health and development, focusing on NCDs, HIV/AIDS, gender, youth, mothers and children under five, rural and urban poverty, and health promotion in general. She also serves on various international committees/boards, including the World Health Organisation.