Once your completed application has been submitted and the administrative fee has been paid, your application will assessed by the Assessment Committee (at either National or Global level as appropriate).


All stages of the assessment process are guided by agreed policies and procedures (for example, Confidentiality Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy). Your application is assessed by two assessors who have undergone training on the assessment process.

The outcomes of the assessment will be that you are either :

  • Eligible for registation


  • Conditionally eligible for registration subject to receipt of additional information or to clarification within a 4-week period of the applicant being notified. This option applies where only minor adjustements to either the application or small amounts of additional information are required. The information / clarification will be clearly indicated to you by the Chair of the Assessment Committee.If the required information is not received within the 4-week period and you want to continue with the application, you will have to submit a new application, including re-payment of an administrative fee.


  •  Not eligible for registration. You will be given the reasons for the assessors' decision. Should you wish to re-apply in the future this finding will result in the need for a new application and re-payment of administration fee.

If you are assessed as meeting the criteria you will be asked to pay the registration fee. Once this fee is paid, your name will be added in the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System Global Register (and, where relevant, the National Register), and you can use the professional title 'IUHPE Registered Health Promoition Practitioner'


You are registered for a period of 3 years. You must undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities over the 3 years to be eligible for re-registration.