When to apply


Applications for initial registration and re-registration can be made throughout the year.

Applications are assessed at least twice a year, and usually more frequently.


Revocation/Cancellation of Registration


Registration of practitioners can be revoked or cancelled. Decisions on revocation and cancellation of registrations are made jointly by the Accreditation Organisation's Board of Directors at National or Global level as relevant.


Reasons for revoking or cancelling registration include, but are not limited to :


 Appeals Procedure


An Appeals Procedure is available to practitioners who are assessed as not meeting the required criteria or who have had their registration cancelled or revoked and who wish to appeal the decision. Information on how to access the Appeals Procedure is available from the System Coordinator.


Please note : While the same criteria, assessment procedures and policies are used by the Global and National Accreditation Organisations, there may be some agreed variations in aspects of the process and in fees. Please refer to the relevant NAO details.