The fee for practitioners is paid in two stages:

  • The required non-refundable administrative fee must submitted with your completed application. Your application will be submitted to the Assessment Committee only when the non-refundable administrative fee has been paid.
  • If you are assessed as meeting the required criteria, you will be asked to pay a registration fee.

Please note NAOs set their own fees and information on these will be found on their websites. Please refer to the list of approved NAOs on the website (Global register LINK) for contact information. For practitioners in countries where there is no NAO and who apply to the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation the following fees apply :


IUHPE Accreditation Global Organisation Fees for Practitioners

Administration fee (IUHPE member) (non-refundable)

            25 €

Administration fee (non-IUHPE member) (non refundable)

            30 €

Registration fee (IUHPE member)

            75 €

Registration fee (non-IUHPE member)

          100 €