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Developing Resources for school health promotion

One of the principal mission of the IUHPE was to develop, or to contribute to the development of useful resources for professionals in the school health promotion.

All these resources can be found on the School Health section of the IUHPE thematic compilation of resources.


Organizing events

The IUHPE has organizeind, or co-organized, a number of events to advance knowledge on and exchange around school health promotion.

Some examples:


Contributing to webinars

The International School Health Network (ISHN) has emerged as a means to communicate information and encourage the use of comprehensive approaches to school-based health promotion/health promoting schools.


In cooperation with the IUHPE and other organisations, the ISHN organises a series of webinars on different aspects of school health indicators. The webinars have been designed to be relevant to government officials, practitioners and researchers, who are concerned with school health promotion at the international, national and state/provincial level and will present policy and data collection options for monitoring the health status/behaviours of children/youth, their health literacy, knowledge and skills, and the status/capacity of relevant school health programmes and policies.


To access webinar background information and view the digital recordings, follow the links below. To participate in upcoming webinars, contact Doug McCall, ISHN Coordinator.


Webinars Series I: School Health Monitoring and Reporting