This page is the result of a six-year effort to build capacity for cardiovascular health promotion and chronic disease prevention and control in the African region supported by the IUHPE and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The IUHPE and the CDC continue to support this initiative through the present platform:

  • To encourage sustained communication and ongoing coordination efforts in the sub-Saharan African region to prevent and control cardiovascular disease,

  • To serve course participants' needs for a resource base and a liaison / communication tool for connecting experts, practitioners and the participants themselves,

  • To provide up to date information,

  • To assist participants to communicate with each other and more broadly with IUHPE members,

  • To provide an easy home for all materials developed and shared at the Annual Seminars (training course tools and resources, presentations, key references from the literature, evaluation processes, findings, lessons learnt and recommendations),

  • To facilitate transfer of knowledge, tools and processes to other low and middle income countries,

  • To facilitate and advocate for the benefits of cardiovascular health promotion and cardiovascular disease (CVD) and risk factors prevention,

  • To be a resource for anyone else interested in Cardiovascular Health Promotion in the African region.


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