The International Network of Indigenous Health Promotion Professionals (INIHPP) was created in line with a set of resolutions around Indigenous issues supported by IUHPE members at the General Assembly in Melbourne in 2004. 

Resolution 2 called on IUHPE to support action towards achieving equity in indigenous peoples' health and requested to position the IUHPE as a vehicle for facilitating indigenous peoples' leadership in indigenous health promotion by, for example, supporting Indigenous-led capacity building in indigenous health promotion and the creation of a global network of indigenous health promoters.


Activities leading to the establishment of the INIHPP

In October 2006, the IUHPE/South West Pacific Regional Committee established the Working Group Action on Indigenous Resolutions chaired by Dr Rosmarie Erben. One of the tasks of the Working Group was to draft a portfolio on Indigenous issues for the IUHPE governance structure. The document requested, among other things, that the IUHPE Global Vice President for Advocacy support the establishment of a Global Network of Indigenous health promoters and health promotion researchers.

The 19th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion (Vancouver in 2007) provided an opportunity for strong indigenous input. Under the leadership of Dr Jay Wortman, an Indigenous Peoples Committee was established to channel the indigenous contributions into the conference program. With indigenous members and non-indigenous allies from Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, the Indigenous Peoples Committee organized a very informative and interesting Pre-Conference Event. The draft resolutions discussed previously were accepted by delegates during this pre-conference event and were then presented to the IUHPE Board of Trustees.

The International Network Indigenous Health Promotion Professionals (INIHPP) was established in June 2009 and was strongly supported by the IUHPE South West Pacific Regional Working Group Action on Indigenous Resolutions.