The assessment determines if the applicant NAO is :



If assessed as eligible to operate as a NAO, an invoice will be sent indicating the registration fee to be paid and on receipt of payment a formal letter of approval will be sent to the Chair of the Board of Directors of the NAO.

Approval of NAOs is valid for 3 years beginning from the approval date. Details on renewal will be posted on the System website.


Revocation/Cancellation of Approval of NAO

Approval to operate as a NAO within the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System can be revoked or cancelled. Decisions on revocation and cancellation of registration/accreditation are made by the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation.

Reasons for revoking or cancelling approval include, but are not limited to:


Appeals Procedures

Appeals against refusal to approve the applicant organisation  as a NAO or cancellation / revocation of approval can be made to an independent IUHPE Global Appeals Committee. Should a NAO wish to appeal a decision a formal application should be made in a letter to the Chair of Board of Directors of the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation stating the grounds for the appeal.


How to apply

Applications for approval as a NAO are made by letter to the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation.