National Accreditation Organisations - NAO

The IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System comprises a devolved structure within which National Accreditation Organisations (NAOs) are approved by the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation to undertake registration of Health Promotion practitioners within their catchment area. The NAO uses the agreed criteria, procedures, processes and policies outlined in the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System NAO Handbook

Where there is no NAO, Health Promotion practitioners can apply directly to the IUHPE Global Assessment Committee for registration.

Once a NAO is established all applications from practitioners for registration in the NAO catchment area will be processed only by the NAO and applications received by the IUHPE Global Assessment Committee in error will be returned to the applicant with instructions to apply via the relevant NAO.


Types of organisations which may apply to become NAOs

NAOs may be formed by different type of organisations, e.g. a professional association, an established national accreditation organisation, or appropriate organisations reflecting national contexts. All NAOs must be able to make informed and independent decisions about the registration of Health Promotion practitioners. NAOs are required to make formal declarations on any existing or potential conflicts of interest.

While termed 'national', NAOs can operate at any agreed catchment level provided that the applicant NAOs can demonstrate a critical mass of support from the Health Promotion community within the proposed catchment area. For example, it is possible to form a NAO comprising a number of countries based on geographic proximity or mutual interests, an option that is of particular relevance for countries with limited Health Promotion infrastructure. Where there is decentralisation of Health Promotion functions to regions or other geographic or political entities these may also be recognised as suitable NAO catchment areas.

It should be noted that the IUHPE GAO will not be drawn into disputes between rival applicants from the same catchment area/country requesting recognition as a NAO.


Key functions and responsibilities of NAOs

The key function of the NAOs is to manage and maintain the registration of practitioners in their catchment area and to ensure that these practitioners' names are recorded within the Global register so that they are eligible to use the title 'IUHPE Registered Health Promotion Practitioner'.


Structure of NAOs

While it is recognised that there is a need for flexibility in the structure of NAOs to reflect national contexts, they are required to establish a formal governance structure in order to fulfil their role. For example, a NAO can establish a Board of Directors and Committees similar to those at Global level to ensure that all functions, roles and tasks are implemented and evaluated with clarify and transparency. However, it is not necessary to use these exact terms/titles - what it is important is that there is a functioning structure to manage the NAO and undertake key roles and tasks.





Fees for registration of practitioners

NAOs set their own fees for registration of practitioners and make a per capita payment to the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation for each practitioner registered (currently set at 10% of agreed national registration fee).


Application and approval process

Applications for approval to operate as a NAO are made to the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation by letter (click here). The eligibility of the NAO is assessed using the following criteria.


The NAO must indicate :

  • Formal acceptance of the criteria for registration of Health Promotion practitioners as indicated in the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System NAO Handbook

  • Formal acceptance of the definitions of Health, Health Promotion and of the Ethical Principles and quality principles and policies outlined in the System Handbook and as may be agreed in the future.

  • Evidence of support from catchment area, for example - that the applicant NAO is already an established organisation with status/recognition within the Health Promotion community in the catchment area. If the applicant NAO is a newly established organisation evidence of support and formal commitment of the Health Promotion community is required.

  • Evidence of ability to establish and maintain governance systems/committees, as required to operate all relevant aspects of the IUHPE Accreditation Systems within their agreed location. This should include details of established committees/membership.

  • Evidence of ability to perform required tasks i.e. details of established financial management systems, methods for maintaining registers, maintaining secure application platforms, etc.

  • Details of internal quality assurance systems. While the same minimum requirements are used for all aspects of registration across all levels of the System, it is recognised that the process of collecting evidence of their attainment may vary. In order to be sensitive to such diversity while maintaining overall quality assurance for the System has been agreed - see the System Handbooks for details.


The assessment determines if the applicant NAO is :

  • Eligible to operate as a NAO


  • Conditionally eligible to operate as a NAO subject to receipt of additional information or clarification within a 4-week period of the applicant being notified. This option applies where only minor additional details or clarification are required. Details of the information/clarifications required will be clearly indicated to the applicant. If the required information is not received within the 4-week period a full re-submission to a future assessment session is required, including re-payment of an administration fee.


  • Not eligible to operate as a NAO. The reasons for this decision will be made available to the applicant. In this case, should the applicant NAO wish to re-apply at a later date, a full re-submission to a future assessment session is required, including re-payment of an administration fees.

If assessed as eligible to operate as a NAO, an invoice will be sent indicating the registration fee to be paid and on receipt of payment a formal letter of approval will be sent to the Chair of the Board of Directors of the NAO.

Approval of NAOs is valid for 3 years beginning from the approval date. Details on renewal will be posted on the System website.


Revocation/Cancellation of Approval of NAO

Approval to operate as a NAO within the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System can be revoked or cancelled. Decisions on revocation and cancellation of registration/accreditation are made by the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation.

Reasons for revoking or cancelling approval include, but are not limited to:

  • breach of the ethical principles and values as defined in the IUHPE Core Competencies and Professional Standards for Health Promotion

  • failure to apply/comply with Conflict of Interest Confidentiality Policy and other relevant policies

  • failure to follow the agreed procedures and processes and apply the agreed criteria as defined in the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System NAO Handbook

  • evidence of inability to undertake required tasks (i.e. complaints from applicants re-procedures/delays, etc),

  • evidence of inability to manage register (i.e. register not updated on agreed schedule / incorrect / incomplete information or applicants informed that they were registered but this is not recorded,

  • evidence of dishonesty / lack of ability / capacity to manage finances (i.e. no formal accounts kept / evidence of misappropriation funds),

  • evidence of dishonesty in the application process,

  • failure to pay any required fees / other costs,

  • other situations as identified by the IUHPE Global and National Boards which will be detailed in the system website(s).


Appeals Procedures

Appeals against refusal to approve the applicant organisation  as a NAO or cancellation / revocation of approval can be made to an independent IUHPE Global Appeals Committee. Should a NAO wish to appeal a decision a formal application should be made in a letter to the Chair of Board of Directors of the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation stating the grounds for the appeal.


How to apply

Applications for approval as a NAO are made by letter to the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation.



Fees for approval as a National Accreditation Organisation (NAO)

These fees are paid in two stages :

  • A non-refundable administrative fee

  • A fee to be paid if the application is approved. This fee must be paid before the formal approval of the NAO is finalised.



Administration fee (IUHPE member)

300 €

Administration fee (non-IUHPE member)

400 €

Registration fee (IUHPE member)

700 €

Registration fee (non-IUHPE member)

800 €


Applications can be made all year round. Assessments are completed at least twice a year, usually more frequently.


For further details on all aspects of NAOs, please see the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System NAO Handbook or contact the System Coordinator.