As a global professional association, the IUHPE's major strength lies in the quality of skills and knowledge of our membership, and the capabilities of the Regional Offices and Headquarters in securing partnerships and resources to enable the organisation to pursue its goals.


Members range from government bodies, to universities and institutes, to NGOs and individuals across all continents working to advance public health through health promotion and health education. Acknowledging the different needs of our diverse membership, the IUHPE is willing and able to adapt its services to better respond to each.

The IUHPE builds a mutually beneficial relationship with its membership. IUHPE members may benefit in many ways, including:

  • Being part of a global network of people and organisations with common goals, which facilitates the exchange of ideas, information and experiences;

  • A chance to influence health promotion thinking internationally;

  • Ability to join one of the IUHPE's global working groups, networks and interest groups; 

  • Ability to facilitate the development of relevant collaborative projects at global and regional levels;

  • Facilitate and/or participate in the IUHPE Consultancy services;

  • Reduced registration fees to IUHPE World, Regional and co-sponsored Conferences;

  • Participating in the democratic life of the IUHPE organization through the General Assembly;

  • Free access to the IUHPE quarterly official journal Global Health Promotion (regular and supplement issues);

  • Receive discounted subscription rates to five other journals in the IUHPE Family of Journals. Subscription information is available under Member's login section for existing members or on the online membership application for new members;

  • Discounts on Accreditation System administration and registration fees; 

  • Receiving up to date, topical information in newsletters from the global headquarters and regional offices, as well as other documents of interest;

  • Accessing the "member only" sections on IUHPE website;

  • Participating in IUHPE projects in areas of your interest (when available);

  • Participating in key IUHPE health promotion activities in your region of the world;

  • And stimulating your professional life through invigorating contact with like-minded health promoters throughout the world.