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    Presents a set of core competencies for Health Promotion practitioners, organisations, employers, and educators.

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    Comprises three Handbooks that were developed as part of the CompHP Project, including the CompHP Core Competencies.

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    Presents the CompHP Core Competencies Framework for Health Promotion in Europe and the processes involved in its development.

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    Outlines the core domains and competencies necessary for Health Promotion practice. Also available in short forms which have been translated into English, French and Spanish on the CompHP page

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    The first framework developed by the Health Promotion Forum for New Zealand which makes reference to Maori culture and values. Replaced by Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand 2011.

  • Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand (2011) Health Promotion Competencies for Aotearoa-New Zealand http://hpforum.org.nz/health-promotion-competencies.html

    A revision of the competencies which were published in 2000.

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    Outlines a set of core competencies at Foundation, Core and Advanced levels and the process of developing the competencies.

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    Presents proposed Canadian Health Promotion competencies and an overview of the process used in their development.