• Barry, M.M., Battel-Kirk, B., Davison, H., Dempsey, C., Parish, R., Schipperen, M., Speller, V., Zanden, van der, G., Zilnyk, A., and the CompHP Project Partners. (2012). The CompHP Project Handbooks. IUHPE, Paris. 

    Comprises three Handbooks developed as part of the CompHP Project. Includas the CompHP Professional Standards for health Promotion.

  • Speller, V., Parish, R., Davison, H., Zilnyk, A. and the CompHP Project Partners (2012). The CompHP Professional Standards for Health Promotion IUHPE Paris. 

    Presents competency-based sstandards for Health Promotion that were developed as part of the CompHP Project using consensus building approaches that describe the knowledge and skills required for competent practice and measures of competence using performance criteria. Short versions are also available here.