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    Presents an overview of the development process.

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    http://heb.sagepub.com/content/39/6/672.full.pdf+html (fee)

    Presents a useful overview of the development process of a European Accreditation Framework for Health Promotion. The resulting Framework outlines the processes for the accreditation of Health Promotion practitioners and Health Promotion education and training by accrediting organizations at national and European levels.

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    Reports on a feasibility study on implementing a pan-European framework for Health Promotion accreditation in the context of Health Promotion systems and structures within participating countries and explores the barriers to and drivers for the development of an accreditation system in the complex European context

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    Presents findings from in-depth country studies, focusing on five countries, demonstrate the levels of Health Promotion development ranging from high to little or none and how this may impact on implementing accreditation.

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    Presents the findings of a scoping study carried out in 2005/6 to determine the extent of training professional standards and accreditation in Health Promotion in Europe.

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    Discusses competency-based accreditation for Health Promotion in the European context including an overview of national-level accreditation processes in the UK, Estonia and The Netherlands.

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    Presents a Pan European Accreditation Framework which builds on the CompHP Core Competencies and Professional Standards. Includes details on development processes used.

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    A detailed report on the development of a Pan European Accreditation Framework using consensus building with the Health Promotion community in Europe