Call for engagement with the People-Planet-Health Action Board on community (urban) regeneration though participatory methods


Announcing two events that will take place in April! Do not miss this unique opportunity to share your ideas about planetary health, participation and community regeneration with World Health Organization representatives.


Visions for local participation in global policies: Workshop

Monday 5th of June (1 – 3pm CEST)

We will meet to share our ideas about ways of global participation of unheard local voices for a healthy planet. The topic of participatory methods and community urban regeneration were proposed by participants from Honduras and Spain at the first Action Board meeting and were very much welcomed by Dr. Rudiger Krech, WHO Director for Health Promotion. In this Workshop, we will exchange our experiences, ideas and visions on how unheard and unseen communities and voices can inform global policies for planetary health, and talk about how to broadly develop the approach of community urban regeneration, renewing visions for cities and communities oriented towards energy efficiency and social inclusivity.

All ideas will be welcomed: whether you are trying new participatory approaches in your specialist area of interest, or simply have ideas about what participation in a healthy future means to you, all visions will be valued. Discovering which beliefs about participation in planetary health connect us, and also what unique contributions we each bring to the discussion, we will agree a set of visions and values to share with WHO representatives at our Second Meeting of the PPH Action Board.


Next Meeting of the People-Planet-Health Action Board

Tuesday 6th of June (1 – 2pm CEST)

We will meet with Dr. Ruediger Krech and other senior colleagues from WHO to share those visions and ideas of methods and experiences from  unheard voices for a healthy planet. We will celebrate the sustainable innovations you have championed or imagined and ask WHO colleagues how they might inform planetary health policy on a global scale.


For more information see the outcomes from the first Action Board meeting in October 2022 and the information an the People-Planet-Health Action Board and what it entails.


Interested parties may contact Claudia Meier Magistretti This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jake Sallaway-Costello This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Links to join the activities will be shared with participants in due course.