After seeing its mandate extended through April 2021, the WHO Civil Society Working Group on NCDs (CS WG) has now officially entered its second phase. Re-nominated civil society leaders have been joined by new members that bring additional expertise and networks to the group, while strengthening representation from all regions.

Trevor Shilton, IUHPE Vice President for Advocacy, will continue to contribute to the CS WG, namely as a member of the committee on Advocacy and communications. Two other committees will focus on Accountability, and the Meaningful involvement of civil society and people living with and affected by NCDs. IUHPE will continue to keep our members apprised of the Group’s activities and deliverables, as well as inform you of all opportunities for engagement.

The launch of the second phase of the CS WG took place at Muscat, Oman, during the Global Meeting to Accelerate Progress on SDG target 3.4 on Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health, 9-12 December 2019. The second and final report of the WHO Independent High-level Commission on noncommunicable diseases, It’s time to walk the talk, was also presented at this event. Click here to learn more about its recommendations.

IUHPE has published its own position which proposes that it is lack of investment in the necessary health promotion and primary prevention systems that best explains the lack of progress globally on NCDs. IUHPE agrees it is time to get serious – and proposes ten system requirements for strengthening health promotion as a primary mechanism for meeting the WHO NCD Targets. The necessary investments include:

IUHPE strongly supports the call by the WHO Independent High-level Commission on NCDS for member states to step up their focus on implementation.