Share with us your memories of IUHPE or your wishes for our future together advancing health promotion! You can make a video directly, share a link, a file, make a drawing, whatever you feel expresses your thoughts.

To gather testimonials, IUHPE is using an interactive platform called padlet. Just click on the plus sign, chose a location, choose the format of your message and add your contribution (see below). Don't forget to add your name and how you are connected with IUHPE (member, World Conference participant, Health Promotion practitioner, partner, etc.). You are not required to create a padlet profile, so identification is important.


Contributions are moderated to avoid spam. But do not worry, we will be accepting them regularly. There is no “submit” or “send” button. Once you have typed your message/ made your video / attached your file, the publication will be saved. Please ignore the “Requires approval message.”

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