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IUHPE 70: Celebrating 70 years of advancing global health promotion


IUHPE commemorates an important anniversary in 2021, marking 70 years since its foundation. We will celebrate the leadership role played by IUHPE in shaping global developments through strategic actions on progressing health promotion policy, practice and research in collaboration with our global network of members and partners. We invite you to join us in this celebration!

This is a significant milestone in the life of the organization. It affords an important opportunity to reflect on the advances made in health promotion globally over the last 70 years and to advance debate and dialogue on future directions. The 70th anniversary also provides a strategic space to consider how we can expand the reach of the organization and ensure that it is well positioned to provide strategic leadership in advancing health promotion over the next 70 years. We will continue to advocate for the strengthening of health promotion systems that lead to enabling structures, processes and enhanced capacity for the implementation of health promotion.

In celebrating the 70th anniversary, there are a range of activities planned over this year, including a webinar series, regional celebratory events and conferences, and a special publication of Global Health Promotion. Learn more about the 11th IUHPE European Regional Conference “Health Promotion: Transformative action in a changing Europe” (15-16 June 2021), the special anniversary event taking place on its second day (see below), and the 6th International Conference on Salutogenesis “Advancing Salutogenesis towards thriving Societies” (17-18 June 2021).

Information on all the anniversary activities is available below. Click on the title of the event!


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WEBINAR SERIES: Participate in discussions with IUHPE board members, IUHPE Global Working groups, and networks

The IUHPE 70 webinar series aims to celebrate this significant milestone for our organisation by sharing timely and relevant knowledge for the global health promotion community and the rest of society, and to both draw attention and call for collective and individual action on current global challenges.


All past webinars are available for later viewing on our YouTube channel.



This webinar is presented by members of the recently formed IUHPE Global Working Group on Mental Health Promotion. The webinar will be moderated by Professor Margaret Barry, who will outline the core focus of the Global Working Group and its approach to advancing mental health promotion policy, research and practice.  Speakers Dr Emily Jenkins, Dr Miranda Novak, Dr Aleisha Clarke and Associ. Prof. Janet Fanslow will present on current activities including, a recent Position Statement on Critical Actions for Mental Health Promotion and ongoing work on developing an advocacy model for global mental health promotion, a community of practice for sharing knowledge and good practices, and core competencies for mental health promotion training and education.


Moderator: Professor Margaret Barry was elected President of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education in 2019, having previously served as Vice President for Capacity Building, Education and Training (2007-2010). Professor Barry holds the Established Chair in Health Promotion and Public Health at the National University of Ireland Galway, where she is also Head of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion Research. Having published widely in health promotion, she works closely with policymakers and practitioners on the development, implementation and evaluation of mental health promotion interventions and policies at national and international level. Professor Barry has served as expert adviser on mental health promotion policy and research development in a number of countries around the world and is currently Chair of the IUHPE Global Working Group on Mental Health Promotion.



Dr. Emily Jenkins, a registered nurse, is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Grounded in principles of mental health promotion, social justice, and equity, Dr. Jenkins’ research is characterized by an "upstream" and systems-level focus. Her research is responsive to emergent, priority health and social issues, including the development of interventions to guide youth policy engagement, minimize the harms of substance use across the lifespan, enhance mental health systems and, most recently, to monitor the population mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr. Miranda Novak, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Laboratory for Prevention Research, Department of Behavioral Disorders, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Her main research interest are youth mental health, mental health promotion, mental health policy, prevention of internalized disorders and program implementation. Currently leading an installation grant on 5C positive youth development funded by Croatian Science Foundation and coordinating a digital youth platform Pukotine.hr supported by UNICEF Office for Croatia.


Dr. Aleisha Clarke is Assistant Director of Evidence at the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) in London. EIF is one of the UK government’s What Works Centres and supports the use of effective early intervention to improve the lives of children and young people at risk of experiencing poor outcomes. Aleisha leads EIF’s research on child and adolescent mental health. Her research interests lie in the understanding of what works, for whom and under what circumstances and as part of this work bridging the gaps between research, practice and policy.


Dr. Janet Fanslow, PhD, MNZM, is an Associate Professor in Mental Health Promotion at the School of Population Health, University of Auckland, and Co-Director of the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse. Janet teaches at the School of Population Health, where she coordinates a postgraduate course on Interpersonal and Family Violence, a postgraduate course on Mental Health Promotion, and an undergraduate course on Mental Health Development. She was awarded membership in the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for services to the research and prevention of family violence in 2018.


Places are limited. We will accept participants on a first come, first serve basis on the day of the webinar.





18 October 2021, 9 p.m. EST | 19 October 2021, 12 p.m. AEST
TBA, org. by IUHPE Global Working Group on Social Determinants of Health

Moderator: Ankur Singh. Speakers: Prof. Hannah Badland, Dr. Priya Balasubramaniam Kakkar, Dr. Gerry Eijkemans, Ass. Prof. Sume Ndumbe-Eyoh


November 2021, TBA
TBA, org. by IUHPE Global Working Group Health Impact Assessment


6 December 2021, 8:30 p.m. EST | 7 December 2021, 12:30 p.m. AEDT
A 70-70 vision for health promotion and the health of the planet and humanity, org. by IUHPE Global Working Group on Waiora Planetary Health
Moderator: Sione Tu'itahi. Speakers: Professor Tony Capon, Dr Trevor Hancock


IUHPE 70 Celebratory Event: IUHPE as a catalyst for transformative health promotion action, 16th June 2021 


11th IUHPE European Conference on Health Promotion and 6th International Conference on SalutogenesiS, 15-18 june 2021


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