Re-registration for IUHPE European Health Promotion Accredited Practitioners, Courses and NAOs are obligatory every three years.


Criteria for re-registration of Practitioners include:

  • A minimum of two years of  work experience in Health Promotion  practice in the preceding  five years 
  • Ability to demonstrate 120 hours participation in a diversity of CPD activities in the preceding five year period. 

Re-registration will usually be at national level (at the NAO in your catchmetnt area). Where there is no National Accreditation Organisation, the practitioner can apply to the IUHPE as the European Accreditation Organisation for re-registration. 

See an updated list of NAOs.


A credit points system is used to record CPD activities. The minimum level for re-registration is 120 credits in the preceding five year period, while one credit equals the investment of one hour’s participation in the activity. The CPD hours must be across a diversity of activities and must not concentrate on one type only. The maximum number of hours allowed for each year for each CPD activity is listed below.




Where available, the Health Promotion practitioner will record their CPD activities using an online system which will make it possible to easily monitor, check and assess whether the required levels of CPD have been met. 


If a practitioner wishes to use a type of CPD activity that is not listed, detailed information on the activity and how it relates to the CompHP Core Competencies and Professional Standards must be provided. The relevant Accreditation Assessment Committee will make the final decision on the relevance and acceptability of the activity. 


The assessment process for re-registration may result in you being:

  • re-registered
  • not re-registered, but eligible for registration on provision of additional information/clarification within an agreed time period. Details of information required to meet the criteria will be provided.
  • denied re-registration based on failure to meet criteria or non payment of the required fees.

If you are successful in your application and have paid all fees, your name will be maintained in the European Professional register, and you can continue to use the professional title 'European Health Promotion Practitioner (EuHP)'.



This register contains the list of the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System registered pracitioners, courses and National Accreditation Organizations. 


*Please note that IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation is for a 3 year period, beginning from the registration date.


*Please visit this page frequently for an updated list of accredited practitioners, courses and NAOs.