In recent years questions have arisen from the membership regarding the structure of the organisation, its governance, and how best to involve members at all levels of the organisation in the work that is done. These issues have led to a reform of the IUHPE governance structure which was endorsed in 2012 and will be finalised in 2013, with the elections of a new Executive Board.


Given the evolution of the Organisation, of the field itself, of the context in which we work, and of communication and other technologies, over the years, it was indeed necessary to review and reflect on our ways of working and on the infrastructure of the Organisation to effectively advance and deliver on our priority areas of work and organizational objectives. A critical part of this review has been the articulation of the need for governing bodies of a manageable size that would be appropriately representative of Institutional and Individual Members, Regional structures, Funders, and Partners, from various sectors, areas and all parts of the world, to continue reflecting and building on the diversity of the IUHPE global network.

The governance reform significantly changed the former structure and governance of the IUHPE; changes designed to provide the organisation with a streamlined, agile structure and rules of governance while also increasing opportunities for individual and institutional member engagement.

The final proposal was the result of an inclusive process including all levels of membership and regional structures, developed in conjunction with two other related developments: a proposal to develop a new mechanism of membership engagement called “Interest Groups” and a communication strategy that informs members of options for engagement as well as explaining the new structure.