The IUHPE is a complex organisation: it exists as a global entity, is located legally in France (with related obligations), runs and manages global initiatives, but also operates through regional structures, supported by a small team of Officers, and a wide range of professional members.

With this premise, the Vice-President for Finance and Internal Control works to ensure that an appropriate level of accountability, scrutiny and flexibility are built into the organisation's systems, but avoiding an overly bureaucratic financial governance structure.

The viability of the organisation and its ability to conduct proposed activities depends critically on the availability of resources. A simple but effective governance structure is necessary, as well as the need to reflect financial matters in all work plans. Reviewing the financial governance arrangements also provides the opportunity to consider wider aspects of organisational governance covering staff, and risk management. In addition to annual reporting and planning IUHPE finance, the Vice-President has a longer-term plan to clarify and develop the overall financial and organisational governance framework covering: