Global Week for Action on NCDs, 3-9 September 2018

IUHPE Campaign: Beating NCDs equitably by strengthening health promotion


From September 3 to 9, IUHPE asks you to support the case for investing in health promotion systems to beat NCDs.

Let’s make it even more powerful!


In preparation and in response to the United Nations third High-Level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) –  to be held on 27 September 2018 – the IUHPE has adopted a position statement: Beating NCDs equitably – Ten system requirements for health promotion and the primary prevention of NCDs. It states that health promotion will have the most important impact on achieving NCD goals, but only if member states invest in health promotion systems and services; including investing in strong health promotion institutions, a capable health promotion workforce, sustainable financing and proven health promotion initiatives.


Equity in NCD prevention and control is reliant on political leadership, policy intervention and system change. A commitment to the ten IUHPE action areas by Heads of State, Health Ministers and other politicians will go a long way to implementing NCD prevention plans and achieving better health for all.


Thousands of people across the world are participating in activities to mark the first Global Week for Action on NCDs, ahead of the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs. This call for action is an initiative of NCD Alliance, themed ENOUGH. Our Health. Our Right. Right Now. It is a unifying and rallying opportunity for advocates and activists to celebrate where progress has been made, and call on governments everywhere to step up to translate commitments into action that will lead to meaningful progress and improvement of the lives of citizens.


From September 3 to 9, connect our message with your personal contribution and share it as widely as you can! You can put forward your own arguments on why health promotion has a key role to play in the prevention and control of NCDs, you can comment on our statement or give your opinion on the importance of specific requirements.


Remember to tag us on Twitter - @IUHPE - so we can amplify your contribution, and to use hashtags such as #enoughNCDs, #HLM3, #UNHLM, #beatNCDs and #healthpromotion to be part of the wider discussion.


Link to our full statement or to the short version and more people will be able to join in the conversation.


Here are some of the media resources to be used in the IUHPE campaign. Click here to download them.




Advocacy is one of the central strategies of the IUHPE to accomplish its mission and as such has a potentially large scope under which to work.

The Vice-President for Advocacy implements both process-oriented actions and topical-oriented actions.


IUHPE Vice-President for Advocacy: Vertti Kiukas (Finland)