This project is part of the IUHPE Global Programme on Health Promotion Effectiveness.

The topic of evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of health promotion policies and interventions has generated growing interest among policy formulators, managers, professionals, and other players involved in implementing health promotion actions, especially those aimed at social determinants of health and has been central to the IUHPE Global Programme on Health Promotion Effectiveness.

Evaluation methodologies / approaches in health promotion have become indispensable for measuring the success of interventions, in analysing local processes and contexts for policy formation and implementation, for linking theory and practice and for contributing to producing and advancing knowledge in the field of health promotion.

The work conducted in the Latin American Region aims to focus on the role of health promotion knowledge and practice for the improvement of the health system and quality of life in countries in the region within the context of growing inequalities in living conditions and opportunities, as equity remains a major challenge for effective change in the production of health at the national and global levels.