Effective provider-­‐parent communication can improve childhood vaccination uptake and strengthenimmunization services in low-­‐ and middle-­‐income countries (LMICs). However, demand-­‐side interventions to improve vaccination have been neglected and existing rigorous research is often not readily found or easily applicable to LMICs.


The COMMunicate to VACcinate project uses an innovative combination of methods. First, it produces a systematic map of communication interventions. Second, it develops a taxonomy of interventions to improve communication around childhood vaccination so as to: (1) understand the relations between different types of interventions; (2) facilitate conceptual mapping of these interventions; and (3) clarify the key purposes of interventions. Third, it will hold deliberative forums with key stakeholders to discuss priorities for systematic reviews, informed by the systematic map and taxonomy. Fourth, it will conduct systematic reviews on high priority topics. Finally, it will produce web-­‐based evidence summaries that translate review findings into accessible messages for LMICs and allow users to add implementation commentary.


COMMVAC is a novel approach to more effectively using existing research and practice descriptions. Key outputs include high quality evidence on the scope and effects of interventions to improve provider-­‐parent communication around vaccination and knowledge resources tailored for LMICs.


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