The application for accreditation of a full Health Promotion course is assessed by two assessors who have undergone training on the System's assessment criteria and processes. The assessors will have substantial experience in Health Promotion and are drawn from across a range of countries, sectors and settings globally. The assessment process is also guided by relevant policies such as  Confidentiality Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy;


The outcome of the assessment process will be that the course is :




If the application is successful and the accreditation fee is paid, the Health Promotion course will be added to the IUHPE Health Promotion Accredited System Global Register, which is updated on a regular basis and may be described as 'IUHPE Accredited Health Promotion Course'.


Revocation/Cancellation of Accreditation


The accreditation of a course can be revoked or cancelled. Decisions on revocation and cancellation of accreditation will be made by the Board of Directors of the IUHPE Global Accreditation Organisation.


Reasons for revoking or cancelling accreditation will include, but are not limited to :


Appeals Procedure


Appeals against decisions not to accredit a course or where accreditation has been cancelled or revoked can be made to an independent Appeals Committee. Information on how to access the Appeals Procedure is available from the System Coordinator.