The IUHPE  Health Promotion Accreditation System provides global accreditation of Health Promotion courses that are assessed as meeting the specified competency-based criteria.


Why apply for accreditation ?


The System offers providers of Health Promotion education and their students:

 Students who graduate from accredited courses are automatically eligible to apply to become an IUHPE Registered Health Promotion Practitioner. PLEASE NOTE this only applies to students who graduate AFTER the course is accredited. Those who graduate before the course is accredited may apply using a self assessment process - see the following link.


Accredited courses are listed on the IUHPE Health Promotion System Global Register and can be described as ‘IUHPE Accredited Health Promotion Course'. 


The accreditation of a course is usually for a 3 year period. After 3 years, the course must apply to the IUHPE Accreditation System for re-accreditation. However, if in a 3 year period there are substantial changes to the course content  the IUHPE Assessment Committee must be notified and will undertake a review to ascertain whether a full re-accreditation process is required for the new or adapted course..


What courses are eligible for accreditation within the System ?


Accreditation is available for full courses only (i.e. not modules or parts of courses). Full courses are defined as complete educational programmes  that cover all domains of the IUHPE Core Competencies and Professional Standards for Health Promotion and that can demonstrate how their learning outcomes relate to the defined performance criteria in that document.

NOTE:Eligibility for accreditation is focused on content and not on the title of the course or modules.


The course provider must also provide proof of recognition/accreditation within the relevant education system applicable in their country.


It should be noted that it is the full course which is accredited and not the provider. Thus, should a provider offer more than one relevant course, an application for accreditation must be made for each course separately.