Global Working Groups

One of IUHPE’s raison d’être is to facilitate networking among health promotion professionals across the world, therefore contributing to develop the health promotion field.

IUHPE Global Working Groups and Networks gather professionals around common interests, profiles or expertise. They provide IUHPE members with a unique opportunity to be involved in the IUHPE life and work plan, and in health promotion development, at a global level.

In 2011, the IUHPE recognized the need and importance of streamlining its Global Expert Networks distinguishing between Global Working Groups and Networks.


A Global Working Group is a nominated group of experts in a particular area. Global Working Groups align their work plans with the IUHPE organisational objectives and commit to some key deliverables which actively contribute to the development of the IUHPE scientific agenda and work priorities. In particular, GWGs:

  • contribute to the scientific agenda of the IUHPE and thereby to the development of the knowledge base and better practice in health promotion and to the wide dissemination of knowledge to policy makers and practitioners.
  • report through the IUHPE official publication Global Health Promotion and through other IUHPE family of journals as opportunities arise.
  • make active contributions to the scientific programme of IUHPE World and Regional Conferences. The Global Working Group Sub-Committee sits on the Global Scientific Committee of the IUHPE World Conferences ensuring that Global Working Groups contribute to the definition of the themes of the scientific programme to the identification of key note speakers and to the development of sub-plenaries. They are also encouraged to develop parallel sessions (symposium, poster, workshops, and satellite events) as appropriate.

A Network is a group of members with a common profile (professional, geographical, linguistic, etc.). Networks contribute to the completion of the IUHPE integrated work plan and scientific agenda. They can for instance, represent their interest in global discussions, run surveys or researches, deliver key products, or assist the IUHPE Headquarters in the dissemination of information, etc. One of the mission of IUHPE networks is also to develop IUHPE membership across the world. Networks contribute to the scientific agenda of all IUHPE World, and regional Conferences. They can propose a parallel session (symposium, poster or other) to present their activities or discuss specific issues in their areas of interests.