Executive Board

IUHPE Executive Board, April 2019, Rotorua, Aotearoa New Zealand


President: Margaret M. Barry (Galway)

Immediate Past President: Graham Robertson (Edinburgh)


Global Executive Board:

  • Ann Pederson (Vancouver, Vice President for Fundraising and Marketing)

  • Claudia Meier Magistretti (Bern, Vice President for Partnerships and Institutional Affairs)

  • Dolors Juvinyà Canal (Girona, Vice President for Conferences)

  • Erma Manoncourt (Paris, Vice President for Membership)

  • Evelyne de Leeuw (Liverpool, NSW)

  • José Luis Castro (Paris, Vice President for Finance and Internal Control)

  • Louise Potvin (Montréal)

  • Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo (Nairobi)

  • Philippe Lorenzo (Paris, Vice President for Administration)

  • Shu-Ti Chiou (Taipei, Vice President for Capacity Building, Education and Training)

  • Sione Tu’itahi (Auckland, Vice President for Communications)

  • Stephan Van den Broucke (Louvain-la-Neuve, Vice President for Scientific Affairs)

  • Trevor Shilton (Perth, Vice President for Advocacy)

Learn more about each member of the Global Executive Board and their commitment to IUHPE by reading their candidate statements.


Elected Regional Vice-Presidents:

  • Hope Corbin (Bellingham, Regional Vice President for IUHPE/NARO)

  • Paolo Contu (Cagliari, Regional Vice President for IUHPE/EURO)

  • Masamine Jimba (Tokyo, Regional Vice President for IUHPE/NPWP)

  • Mônica de Andrade (Franca, Regional Vice President for IUHPE/ORLA)

  • Viliami Puloka (Auckland, Regional Vice President for IUHPE/SWP - interim)

  • Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo (Nairobi, Regional Vice President for IUHPE/AFRO - Interim)


Présidente : Margaret M. Barry (Galway)

Président sortant : Graham Robertson (Edinburgh)


Conseil Exécutif mondial :

  • Ann Pederson (Vancouver, Vice-Président chargée de la recherche de fonds et du marketing)

  • Claudia Meier Magistretti (Bern, Vice-Présidente chargée des partenariats et des affaires institutionnelles)

  • Dolors Juvinyà Canal (Girona, Vice-Présidente chargée des conférences)

  • Erma Manoncourt (Paris, Vice-Présidente chargée des membres)

  • Evelyne de Leeuw (Liverpool, NSW)

  • José Luis Castro (Paris, Vice-Président chargé des finances et du contrôle interne)

  • Louise Potvin (Montréal)

  • Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo (Nairobi)

  • Philippe Lorenzo (Amiens, Vice-Président chargé de l'administration)

  • Shu-Ti Chiou (Taipei, Vice-Présidente chargée du renforcement des capacités, de l’éducation et de la formation)

  • Sione Tu’itahi (Auckland, Vice-Président chargé des communications)

  • Stephan Van den Broucke (Louvain-la-Neuve, Vice-Président chargé des affaires scientifiques)

  • Trevor Shilton (Perth, Vice-Président chargé du plaidoyer)

Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur chacun des membres du Conseil Exécutif mondial et sur leur engagement vis-à-vis de l’UIPES en lisant leur déclaration en tant que candidat.


Vice-Présidents régionaux élus :

  • Hope Corbin (Bellingham, Vice-Présidente régionale de l’UIPES/NARO)

  • Paolo Contu (Cagliari, Vice-Président régional de l’UIPES/EURO)

  • Masamine Jimba (Tokyo, Vice-Président régional de l’UIPES/NPWP)

  • Monica de Andrade (Franca, Vice-Présidente régionale de l’UIPES/ORLA)

  • Viliami Puloka (Auckland, Vice-Président régional de l’UIPES/SWP - Interim)

  • Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo (Nairobi, Vice-Présidente régionale de l’IUHPE/AFRO - Interim)


Presidente: Margaret M. Barry (Galway)

Presidente saliente: Graham Robertson (Edinburgh)

Junta Ejecutiva Mundial

  • Ann Pederson (Vancouver, Vicepresidenta de Fundraising y Marketing)

  • Claudia Meier Magistretti (Bern, Vicepresidenta de Partenariados y Asuntos Institucionales)

  • Dolors Juvinyà Canal (Girona, Vicepresidenta de Conferencias)

  • Erma Manoncourt (Paris, Vicepresidenta para los Miembros)

  • Evelyne de Leeuw (Liverpool, NSW)

  • José Luis Castro (Paris, Vicepresidente de Finanzas y Control Interno)

  • Louise Potvin (Montreal)

  • Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo (Nairobi)

  • Philippe Lorenzo (Amiens, Vicepresidente de Administración)

  • Shu-Ti Chiou (Taipei, Vicepresidenta de Capacitación, Educación y Formación)

  • Sione Tu’itahi (Auckland, Vicepresidente de Comunicación)

  • Stephan Van den Broucke (Louvain-la-Neuve, Vicepresidente de Asuntos Científicos)

  • Trevor Shilton (Perth, Vicepresidente de Advocacy)

Hallará información sobre cada miembro de la Junta Ejecutiva Mundial y de su compromiso con la UIPES leyendo sus declaraciones de los candidatos.

Vicepresidentes regionales elegidos:

  • Hope Corbin (Bellingham, Vicepresidenta regional de UIPES/NARO)

  • Paolo Contu (Cagliari, Vicepresidente regional de UIPES/EURO)

  • Masamine Jimba (Tokyo, Vicepresidente regional de UIPES/NPWP)

  • Mônica de Andrade (Franca, Vicepresidenta regional de UIPES/ORLA)

  • Viliami Puloka (Auckland, Vicepresidente regional de UIPES/SWP - interino)

  • Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo (Nairobi, Vicepresidenta regional de IUHPE/AFRO - Interina)



The Executive Board governs and administers the IUHPE on behalf of the General Assembly.

In particular:

  • it elects the global Vice Presidents, at its first ordinary session following the World Conference; the elected Vice Presidents hold office until the following World Conference. Following such election by the Executive Board, they are eligible to be reelected to the same office on only one further consecutive occasion. Their roles and responsibilities are laid down in Article 13 and detailed in Annex B of the Bye-Laws

  • it determines policies, strategies and integrated work programmes for the Organisation;

  • it reviews, approves and disseminates position statements which clarify and promote the policies of the IUHPE;

  • it reviews and approves a triennial integrated Work Plan;

  • it considers and approves annual accounts, provisional budgets, financial proposals, and financial reports on past and future activities. It appoints a Committee of Internal Control and receives the CIC report on financial and staff governance, as well as on risk management.

  • it approves the Global and Regional Bye-Laws, and their amendment as laid down in Article 23 ;

  • it votes on urgent measures undertaken on its behalf by the President;

  • it screens and selects potential hosts for future World Conferences on the basis of previously established criteria;

  • it is empowered to fill vacancies among global members of the Executive Board

  • it is empowered to terminate the membership of any member who brings the IUHPE into disrepute.


The Executive Board comprises:

  • the President, elected by the Executive Board for a term of three years, from among its elected members, at an extraordinary session of the incoming Executive Board, immediately following the completion of that Board. A President thus elected shall be eligible to stand for reelection for only one additional term.

  • the immediate past-President;

  • a maximum of twelve global members, elected by the General membership;

  • a maximum of three global members appointed by the Executive Board to ensure that financial and legal requirements are met.

  • the Regional Vice-Presidents

They are elected for a term of three years.