Working methods

  • Emails, Skype and Google hangout consultations are the main means of communication between members.

  • The WG-HL organizes global teleconferences twice a year, ahead of the meetings of the Executive Board, in which all members of the WG-HL are invited to participate.

  • As needed and indicated, smaller teleconferences take place according to region, topic or organizational needs.

  • Face-to-face meetings are planned and conducted in collaboration with regional health literacy networks specifically focusing on health literacy or in association with relevant programme areas (e.g. NCD prevention, health promoting schools and hospitals).



As with all WGs in the IUHPE, WG-HL shall be accountable via the VP(Scientific Affairs), with regular reporting to the IUHPE Executive Board.



  • The members of WG-HL maintains communication through e-mail, and via periodically scheduled teleconferences supported by the IUHPE secretariat at the HQ.

  • The WG-HL networks with other WGs and relevant IUHPE projects of the IUHPE on common areas of action and interest via ongoing discussion facilitated by HQ secretariat and VP (SA)

  • The WG-HL communicates its activity maximizing the use of existing communication avenues such the IUHPE website, publishing reports in Global Health Promotion Journal and in IUHPE regional and world conferences.