To initiate and support action, policy and research on health literacy, acknowledging the contribution of health literacy to reducing disparities in the promotion of health and wellbeing, and sustainable development, and to the pursuit of equity within and between countries, in the global context



  • To facilitate the development of, and communicate, health literacy theory, policy and practice at global, international, national and local levels;

  • To enable shared learning between programmes, networks and with relevant professions and sectors, at international and national levels;

  • To ensure that health literacy, as a social determinant of health, is included in global and regional discussions on health promotion systems, reducing health disparities, promoting sustainable development and NCDs;

  • To strengthen the knowledge and evidence bases for measuring and assessing health literacy and applying knowledge within the context of health promotion by promoting evaluation, learning and development;

  • To identify relevant stakeholders that can be engaged for collaborative action, research and policy, build synergies and lead where appropriate, working in partnership with other networks and organizations for promoting the issue of health literacy;

  • To work collaboratively with other GWGs in order to promote integrated and cross-cutting support and action;

  • To develop and implement a 3-year action plan reflecting all of the above.


In 2018, the Global Working Group on Health Literacy has published the "IUHPE Position Statement on Health Literacy: a practical vision for a health literate world", which can be downloaded at IUHPE`s journal Global Health Promotion:


Download here.