To support the development of HIA as an approach, practice and process. The mission of the GWG is to assist health and other sectors, and communities to influence public policy, projects or programmes to create social, economic and environmental conditions for health and health equity.



  • To facilitate the development of, and communicate, theory, policy and practice-derived evidence of the design, application and effectiveness of health impact assessment at international and national levels;

  • To develop an evidence base for appropriate methodologies to use in the identification step (data collection) of HIAs;

  • To enable discussion, debate and shared learning among researchers, practitioners, policy makers and communities engaged in health (and other forms of) impact assessment in order to develop a research/practice/policy agenda for advancing HIA

  • To encourage collaboration among researchers, practitioners, policy makers and communities to build the theory and evidence base informing the practice of health impact assessment; and

  • To collaborate with policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and communities to ensure that health impact assessment (and related, relevant forms of impact assessment) contributes to reducing (and eliminating) inequities in health.