Global Working Groups (GWGs)


An IUHPE Global Working Group is a nominated group of experts in a particular area. Global Working Groups align their work plans with the IUHPE organisational objectives and commit to some key deliverables which actively contribute to the development of the IUHPE scientific agenda.


A distinguishing factor of the GWG is that they are all grounded in a set of core principles:

  • GWGs are important mechanisms for agenda-setting for and within the IUHPE;

  • GWGs should ensure that they make a dynamic contribution to the IUHPE programmes;

  • GWGs should not only provide expertise but also engage with key stakeholders and seek regional commitment of other key players for capacity building.


As part of its scientific collaborations, the IUHPE has a number of scientific advisory groups and similar ad-hoc groups that are project or topic based.