Persons or organisations interested in the possibility of producing a GHP Supplement work with GHP Editor in Chief and IUHPE Publications Coordinator to develop a proposal, the final version of which is in the form of a duly endorsed Supplement Agreement Contract. The proposal should include a detailed overview of content, authors, management (Editorial Committee), timeline and financing of the Supplement. The Editorial Committee must include, but is not limited to, the GHP Managing Editor and a Guest Editor(s).


Anticipated timeline

Supplements that are composed in part or in whole of scholarly papers are peer reviewed. The timeline for the production of a Supplement is a minimum of 9 months. It varies depending on i) the commissioning process (direct author invitation or call for papers); ii) time allowed for writing manuscripts iii) the peer review process, which includes between six and 10 weeks until final decision; iv) the amount of translated text (anticipate a minimum of 4 weeks for translation and review); and v) the publisher’s production time. The Supplement’s management, authors and reviewers are expected diligent and timely replies to meet the Supplement’s publication schedule.


The Supplement’s production (copy edit, typeset, proof read and print) is done by the journal’s publisher, SAGE Publications. SAGE’s time frame for producing the Supplement takes about 14 weeks after receipt of the final manuscripts; the work flow includes:


Supplement size

There is no page limit for Supplements, but in general, they are at least the size of a regular quarterly issue (96 journal pages).


Supplement cost

The budget, developed by the Publications Manager in consultation with the Editorial Committee, includes the following:


Terms of Reference