Publish a supplement issue

Global Health Promotion (GHP) Supplements have proven to be of great interests to our readers and they meet the global dissemination needs of our partners and collaborators.

The content of each Supplement is compiled by an Editorial Committee which includes the journal’s Managing Editor and one or more Guest Editors (other experts may also be asked to participate on the Editorial Committee). The Guest Editor(s) are responsible for the final review of manuscripts and for the professional content of the Supplement.

Languages other than the three official languages of the journal (English, French and Spanish) may be used if the Editorial Committee is able to cover the costs of translation and review.


The Supplement is distributed to the entire IUHPE membership, which includes 2700 copies distributed in over 120 countries, as well as close to 2000 institutional subscribers, including university libraries, university departments and local/regional NGOs. GHP Supplements have an estimated 9,000 readers.

In addition to the member and subscriber copies, the print run may include as many extra copies as may be specified in the Contract. Past Supplements have usually included several hundred extra copies, which the Guest Editor and sponsor organisation have distributed to interested persons in their professional network.

The entire Supplement has open access in perpetuity on the journal’s website through SAGE’s platform:


Persons or organisations interested in the possibility of producing a GHP Supplement work with GHP Editor in Chief and IUHPE Publications Coordinator to develop a proposal, the final version of which is in the form of a duly endorsed Supplement Agreement Contract. The proposal should include a detailed overview of content, authors, management (Editorial Committee), timeline and financing of the Supplement. The Editorial Committee must include, but is not limited to, the GHP Managing Editor and a Guest Editor(s).


Anticipated timeline

Supplements that are composed in part or in whole of scholarly papers are peer reviewed. The timeline for the production of a Supplement is a minimum of 9 months. It varies depending on i) the commissioning process (direct author invitation or call for papers); ii) time allowed for writing manuscripts iii) the peer review process, which includes between six and 10 weeks until final decision; iv) the amount of translated text (anticipate a minimum of 4 weeks for translation and review); and v) the publisher’s production time. The Supplement’s management, authors and reviewers are expected diligent and timely replies to meet the Supplement’s publication schedule.


The Supplement’s production (copy edit, typeset, proof read and print) is done by the journal’s publisher, SAGE Publications. SAGE’s time frame for producing the Supplement takes about 14 weeks after receipt of the final manuscripts; the work flow includes:

  • data entry 3 working days;

  • preparation for typesetting 5 working days;

  • typesetting 10 working days;

  • proofreading 15-20 working days;

  • revision 10 working days;

  • final correction 5 working days;

  • checking print media and sending to print 3 working days;

  • printing 10 working days;

  • online version (available no later than one week after print)

  • shipping (delay depends on destination. SAGE uses regular Royal Mail services for international distribution. In North America, they ensure swiftest distribution by shipping the copies to a U.S. distribution centre for local mailing though the U.S. postal service. There is a possibility to upgrade posting services.)


Supplement size

There is no page limit for Supplements, but in general, they are at least the size of a regular quarterly issue (96 journal pages).


Supplement cost

The budget, developed by the Publications Manager in consultation with the Editorial Committee, includes the following:

  • Length of the issue: SAGE calculates the production costs based on the number of pages;

  • Print-run in addition to the standard for IUHPE members and journal subscribers;

  • Distribution of print copies for the sponsor and authors;

  • Support to the journal’s Editorial Office, Senior Editor and translation of abstracts into the three official languages of the IUHPE (English, French and Spanish).


Terms of Reference

  • Each Supplement will have a Guest Editor appointed by the Supplement sponsor and approved by GHP’s Editor in Chief or his designate. The Guest Editor has the responsibility to decide the number, types and lengths of papers, keeping within the page limit agreed. The Guest Editor has the responsibility to work with the sponsor and authors to ensure the delivery of material on a schedule agreed and with good quality.

  • GHP’s Managing Editor is the Managing Editor of all Supplements. S/he works with the Guest Editor on technical aspects of the production of the Supplement and is the liaison with SAGE Publications Ltd. S/he does not work directly with authors.

  • Depending on the language(s) of the Supplement, GHP’s Editor in Chief or a Language Editor has the responsibility for quality assurance and manages the peer review process. S/he makes recommendations based on the reviews received to the Guest Editor, who is responsible to communicate the results to authors. GHP’s Editor has the final approval of all material in the Supplement, and may reject material deemed of poor quality with regard to content and style. By prior agreement the Supplement sponsor will provide an honorarium, variable in size depending on the number of papers, to the responsible GHP Editor, for whom Supplement work is a responsibility outside the normal terms of service.

  • The Editorial team of a Supplement is compromised of a representative of the Sponsor, the Guest Editor, GHP’s Managing Editor and the GHP Editor (Chairing). The team may add additional editors as need be (e.g, section editors).

  • Manuscripts adhere to GHP author submission instructions. All submissions are done through SAGETrack, Manuscript Central’s online manuscript submission and review system. Because GHP’s Editorial office does not communicate directly with authors, the Guest editor (or his/her designate) is responsible for the submission of manuscripts on SAGETrack.

  • Beyond the pages paid for by the sponsor, GHP may include additional pages in the Supplement, at GHP cost, to communicate IUHPE messages to members and other readers.