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Global Health Promotion is an official publication of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). It is a multilingual journal that publishes authoritative peer-reviewed articles and practical information for a worldwide audience of professionals interested in health promotion and health education.

2018 Impact Factor: 1.253. 

Journal Citation Reports®, 2019 release; Indexed in PubMed: MEDLINE.

Global Health Promotion and its Editor-in-Chief are pleased to welcome the new GHP Editorial Board:

  • Linda Cambon, Université de Bordeaux, France

  • Shu-Ti Chiou, Health and Sustainable Development Foundation. School of Medicine, Yang-Ming University, Taiwan.

  • Diane Levin-Zamir, Department of Health Education and Promotion, Clalit Health Services, Israel. School of Public Health, University of Haifa, Israel.

  • Hugo Mercer, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina

  • Larry Olsen, Logan University, USA

  • Mihi Ratima, Taumata Associates, Aotearoa/New Zealand

  • N'koué Emmanuel Sambieni, Université de Parakou, Bénin.


The supplement issue on Indigenous Health Promotion “Whenua Ora: Healthy Lands, Healthy Peoples” is available now!

Guest Editors: Debbie Martin, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Health and Wellbeing, Dalhousie University, Canada; Mihi Ratima, Director, Taumata Associates, New Zealand; Treena Wasonti:io Delormier, Associate Director, Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition & Environment (CINE), McGill University, Canada; and Heather Castleden, Canada Research Chair in Reconciling Relations for Health, Environments, and Communities, Queen’s University, Canada.

This supplement was organised and published as part of a project developed in collaboration with, and supported by, the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The main objective of the supplement issue is to enhance the development and exchange of research and of evidence-based approaches and practices involving Indigenous peoples from a variety of countries. This with the aim of contributing to the ongoing search for solutions to act on global health determinants and inequities, and to the development of the health promotion discipline itself.


Latest issue:


The March issue of GHP is online now! You can read it here.

This edition’s editorial, entitled “Health promotion in disaster situations. The weight of the structural,” was written by Dora Cardaci, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco, Mexico, and Hiram Arroyo, Faculty of Biosocial Sciences and Graduate School of Public Health, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico. 


Recent articles OnlineFirst:

  • “Empoderamiento y búsqueda de atención en salud: un factor ignorado de la mortalidad materna en una comunidad indígena mexicana,” Claudia Isabel Amaya-Castellanos, Teresa Shamah-Levy, Ericka Ileana Escalante-Izeta, Bernardo Turnbull Plazas, y Rosa María Nuñez Urquiza  (May 2019) 

  • “Desafíos para la promoción de la salud: El caso del mercado de las Fórmulas Infantiles en México,” Pilar Torre, Monserrat Salas, Consuelo Ingrid Silva (April 2019) 

  • “Gendered perceptions of osteoporosis: implications for youth prevention programs,” Alyson Holland, Tina Moffat (April 2019)

  • “¡Activate Ya! Co-learning about school-based tobacco prevention and physical activity promotion in secondary school students in Uruguay,” Andrew E. Springer, Melissa B. Harrell, Lucía Martínez Gomensoro, María Traversa Fresco, Shannon Rogers, Martina Florines, Viviana Moreno, Joowon Lee, Cheryl L. Perry, Eduardo Bianco, Diego Estol (April 2019)

  • “Building the capacity – examining the impact of evidence-based public health trainings in Europe: a mixed methods approach,” Natalicio Serrano, Gunter Diem, Vilius Grabauskas, Aushra Shatchkute, Sylvie Stachenko, Anjali Deshpande, Kathleen N. Gillespie, Elizabeth A. Baker, Erkki Vartinaien, Ross C. Brownson (April 2019)

  • “‘When you are a data collector you must expect anything’. Barriers, boundaries and breakthroughs: insights from the South African data-collection experience,” Kathryn Roberts, Sarah Gordon, Lorraine Sherr, Jackie Stewart, Sarah Skeen, Ana Macedo, Mark Tomlinson (April 2019)

  • “What are the roles of community health workers? Looking back at the philosophies of primary health care,” Marietou Niang (April 2019)

  • “Development of a national conceptual framework and measuring tool for Organisational Social Responsibility and Accountability for Health (OSRAH),” Nastaran Keshavarz Mohammadi, Fereshteh Taheri, Masoud Motallebi, Ali Yazdanpanah, Yahya Khosravi, Maryam Borhani Jebeli, Hope J. Corbin, Ali Asghar Farshad (April 2019)

  • “Integrative settings approach to workplace health promotion to address contemporary challenges for worker health in the Asia-Pacific,” Cong Tuan Pham, Chiachi Bonnie Lee, Thi Lien Huong Nguyen, Jin-Ding Lin, Shahmir Ali, Cordia Chu (April 2019)

  • “Using laws to further public health causes: the Healthy Prisons Agenda,” Nasrul Ismail, James Woodall, Nick de Viggiani (April 2019)