IUHPE Conferences are renowned events bringing together leading professionals in all corners of the world to take stock of the present state of knowledge and experiences, bring forward future challenges and shape the agenda to advance developments in health promotion.

The IUHPE organises triennial World Conferences, Regional Conferences and co-sponsored conferences, workshops or meetings. Conferences further the core business of IUHPE in developing and disseminating evidence and learning to advance the field of health promotion and in keeping health promotion on the policy agenda. In addition, the conference generates new members and revenue for the IUHPE.


Upcoming IUHPE Conferences

IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion:

  • 24th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion: Promoting policies for health, well-being and equity, May 15-19, 2022, Montreal - www.iuhpe2022.com  


IUHPE Co-sponsored Conferences:

  • 6th International Conference on Salutogenesis: Advancing Salutogenesis towards thriving societies, Center of Salutogenesis, University of Zurich - POSTPONED. FURTHER INFORMATION WILL FOLLOW.

  • NEW DATES: Forum on Age-friendly Housing and Health Promotion: Towards Healthy Residential Environments for All, July 19-20, 2020, New Taipei City Hall