The IUHPE produces a wide array of publications to advance its work both as a communication and exchange hub and as a facilitator of technical expertise.


First and foremost among the IUHPE's publications is the official academic journal of the organization, Global Health Promotion. The quarterly journal publishes original articles and commentaries in English, French and Spanish.


Since 2001, the IUHPE has signed collaborative agreements for journals to become official publications of the IUHPE. These agreements are mutually beneficial by promoting the interests of IUHPE and the journals. They entail the provision of journal pages to the IUHPE for the publication of the organisation's announcements, information on membership, programmatic and advocacy activities, and other such material. Additionally, IUHPE individual members benefit from a steeply discounted rate for all journals. 


Lastly, there is a vast collection of publications organized by theme. These resources have been produced over the course of decades and represent the enormous work undertaken through IUHPE's scientific and advocacy activities.


 IUHPE thematic resources (in French)

The IUHPE would like to share its thematic resources (in French) while the French version of the website is under construction. To view these thematic articles, please click here


L'UIPES voudrait partager ses ressources thématiques (en français), en attendant la version française du site. Pour accéder aux articles thématiques suivre le lien.