As Réfips is an organized and structured network, it will follow its own missions, determined by its constituent geographic and thematic sections and based on their own agendas. 

However, becoming the linguistic Francophone network of the IUHPE will obligate Réfips to adapt its statutes and missions in order to fulfill a dual purpose:


As the linguistic Francophone network of cooperation between Réfips and the IUHPE, the activities will be the following:

As an autonomous entity, existing since 1991, the Réfips will reinforce knowledge of the IUHPE to its francophone members, professionals and institutions working in the field of health promotion, and encourage them to become members of the IUHPE.


Work Plan 2014 – 2015 - 2016

The objectives held by Réfips for the next three years are:

Governance structure

Réfips is currently organized into geographic and thematic sections. There are five geographic sections: the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. The two thematic sections are devoted to Heart Health and Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. Each section chooses a delegate seated at the Board of Delegates.  The Board of Delegates meets regularly throughout the year, either in person or via conference calls. The meetings in person are regularly supported by international events.  


Réfips operates with a high level of transparency towards its members and new autonomous sections, both in funding and in their activities. Actions that are supported by Réfips must have an international dimension; that is, carried out by two countries that are situated in at least two different continents.  Certain sections or sub-sections have chosen to have legal status, other sections not. Each section is administered according to how its members define it. In the IUHPE Réfips will coordinate the Francophone linguistic network.