RéFIPS- Réseau francophone international pour la promotion de la santé


Termes de référence en français (www.iuhpe.org/images/NETWORK/REFIPS/Rfips_termes_de_rfrence.pdf)



Rationale and Background

Created in 1991 in the wake of the Ottawa Charter (published in 1986), Réfips currently brings together some 500 professionals working in over 30 French-speaking countries. These professionals share an interest for building favorable conditions for the health of their populations, creating supporting environments, strengthening community actions, developing better personal skills and reorienting health services.


Réfips conducts advocacy activities among health promotion institutions in the French-speaking world and ensures the translation of new resources on this subject into French. In the last few years, it has produced documents on the Bangkok Charter and the 25th anniversary of the Ottawa charter. The Réfips Americas section has created an online database on social inequalities in health (www.tribuneiss.com).


The network has pursued different health promotion outreach and dissemination activities, produced reference and benchmark texts and conducted trainings for professionals. It actively participates in international conferences in the scope of its activities. Its publications concern program and intervention planning, but also theoretical reflections on health promotion and social inequalities in health.


Through the encouragement of its President and the Delegates’ Council, links between Réfips and the IUHPE have become extended and strengthened over the years. In preparation for the UN High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (September 2011 in New York), the IUHPE and Réfips co-signed “A call to action to prevent non-communicable diseases through health promotion approaches”.


The Réfips Board of Delegates is in favor of formalizing a close relationship with the IUHPE. The possibility to create networks bringing together members of the IUHPE on a professional, linguistic or geographic basis is an opportunity that Réfips would like to seize. Within the IUHPE, Réfips would like to create a linguistic network to bring together Francophone IUHPE members. Its objective would be to promote the Francophone approach to health promotion, while respecting the diversity of its practices; and conversely, to promote other approaches to health promotion for the French-speaking world.


It is free to join Réfips. The network brings together practitioners on the field, members of local NGO associations, who would not have the means to pay a membership fee. It is therefore important for Réfips to remain in close contact with these organizations while facilitating their membership in the IUHPE as much as possible, and even if they cannot join the IUHPE, making sure they benefit from the closer relationship between Réfips and the IUHPE.


The evaluation that Réfips carried out on its organization showed a very high rate of membership following the network’s actions, particularly among African members who have less access to the scientific literature and to tools in English. The Francophone focus is one of the pillars of Réfips actions, and this dynamic that conceives the agreement with the IUHPE. Réfips thus places all of its efforts in the defense of, advocacy for and reinforcement of health promotion in the French-speaking world.


For more information please visit the Réfips website http://www.refips.org/accueil.php




As Réfips is an organized and structured network, it will follow its own missions, determined by its constituent geographic and thematic sections and based on their own agendas. 

However, becoming the linguistic Francophone network of the IUHPE will obligate Réfips to adapt its statutes and missions in order to fulfill a dual purpose:

  • To be in service to the Francophone members of the IUHPE

  • To continue to be in service to those members who may not become members of the IUHPE.


As the linguistic Francophone network of cooperation between Réfips and the IUHPE, the activities will be the following:

  • Bringing together members of the IUHPE and Réfips;

  • Get to know non-Francophone members of the IUHPE and share with them the specificity of the Francophone approach to health promotion, while respecting its diversity;

  • Facilitate dialogue and work with actors on the ground;

  • Facilitate the dissemination of health promotion documents produced by the IUHPE and its members in the Francophone world, potentially by creating a platform for translation;

  • Actively collaborate with the Global Health Promotion journal and other publications of the IUHPE by writing the articles in the name of Réfips and/or by encouraging the publication of articles by its members;

  • Develop joint documents with the IUHPE (declarations, position papers, etc.);

  • Jointly produce with the IUHPE health promotion advocacy tools in French;

  • Facilitate an exchange of mailing lists or Réfips/IUHPE member lists;

  • Open Réfips publications to the IUHPE and its members, interest groups, working groups and networks;

  • Begin work on Francophone projects common to Réfips and to the IUHPE;

As an autonomous entity, existing since 1991, the Réfips will reinforce knowledge of the IUHPE to its francophone members, professionals and institutions working in the field of health promotion, and encourage them to become members of the IUHPE.


Work Plan 2014 – 2015 - 2016

The objectives held by Réfips for the next three years are:

  • To build and give structure to the francophone linguistic network;

  • To participate in its name and facilitate its members’ participation in the Global Working Groups and Interest Groups that are related to its mission and objectives;

  • To establish a review of the IUHPE’s (and constituent groups’) publications, and to disseminate the most evidence based documents among the Francophone community, possibly by translating them;

  • To disseminate documents, among the greater IUHPE network,  produced by Réfips or other Francophone institutions, possibly by translating them into the official languages of the IUHPE;

  • To construct training modules in health promotion, notably in the framework of its sister universities (Besancon, Brussels, Dakar, etc.), inspired by tools developed by the IUHPE and Réfips;

  • To launch a project supported by the IUHPE and Réfips, in particular its Americas and Europe sections, regarding health impact assessment;

  • To organize one or more francophone events in the framework of the activities of the IUHPE, relating to the priorities of the IUHPE and Réfips.

Governance structure

Réfips is currently organized into geographic and thematic sections. There are five geographic sections: the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. The two thematic sections are devoted to Heart Health and Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. Each section chooses a delegate seated at the Board of Delegates.  The Board of Delegates meets regularly throughout the year, either in person or via conference calls. The meetings in person are regularly supported by international events.  


Réfips operates with a high level of transparency towards its members and new autonomous sections, both in funding and in their activities. Actions that are supported by Réfips must have an international dimension; that is, carried out by two countries that are situated in at least two different continents.  Certain sections or sub-sections have chosen to have legal status, other sections not. Each section is administered according to how its members define it. In the IUHPE Réfips will coordinate the Francophone linguistic network.



November 2016: REFIPS has developed a response to the zero draft of the Shanghai Declaration in French and submitted it to the World Health Organization. Download it here.


Reporting Mechanisms

  • A double mechanism of activity reports implemented by Réfips, the Francophone linguistic network within the IUHPE.

  • A bi-annual activity report of the network forwarded to the IUHPE Vice President for Communications and the Réfips Board of Delegates. This activity report will share the progress of the 2013-2015 three-year work plan, including in particular the number of new Francophone IUHPE members.


The Chair of the RéFIPS is Dr Philippe Lorenzo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.