The 23rd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion will be organised and hosted in April 2019 by the Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand. Join us in Rotorua, the cultural heartland of New Zealand, for four days of learning, sharing, and building the future of health promotion and the pursuit of health equity.
Aotearoa New Zealand offers rich examples of how the country has addressed - and continues to address - pronounced and complex challenges to planetary health and sustainable development.
Health Promotion Forum is the national umbrella organisation for health promotion in Aotearoa New Zealand and is an institutional member of the IUHPE. It also plays a leading role in the development of health promotion in the Pacific region and internationally.
The organisation received overwhelming support for its bid from influential New Zealanders, including Sir Mason Durie, Rt Hon John Key, Hon Dr Jonathon Coleman, as well as tertiary institutes and key local Rotorua bodies.
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IUHPE Conferences are renowned events bringing together leading professionals in all corners of the world to take stock of the present state of knowledge and experiences, bring forward future challenges and shape the agenda to advance developments in health promotion.

The IUHPE organises triennial World Conferences, Regional Conferences and co-sponsored conferences, workshops or meetings. Conferences further the core business of IUHPE in developing and disseminating evidence and learning to advance the field of health promotion and in keeping health promotion on the policy agenda. In addition, the conference generates new members and revenue for the IUHPE.



The Curitiba Statement aspires to breathe a spirit of local and global commitment to democracy, equity, justice and assurance of social rights and health for all in an inclusive and sustainable world. It represents the voice of the researchers, practitioners, social movement members and policymakers who participated in the 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, in Curitiba, Brazil, in May 2016. The Curitiba Statement articulates recommendations of conference participants in relation to how we can improve people’s lives by strengthening health promotion and improving equity where we live and work in our cities and countries. Download it in poster form here. La Declaración es disponible en español aquí.