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Photos from IUHPE 2016 are now up on the conference's Facebook page. If you'd like to share your own photos with us, email us (iuhpe [at]



The Curitiba Declaration aspires to breathe a spirit of local and global commitment to democracy, equity, justice and assurance of social rights and health for all in an inclusive and sustainable world. This Declaration represents the voice of the researchers, practitioners, social movement members and policymakers who participated in the 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, in Curitiba, Brazil, in May 2016. The Curitiba Declaration articulates recommendations of conference participants in relation to how we can improve people’s lives by strengthening health promotion and improving equity where we live and work in our cities and countries. Delegates are invited to read the draft Declaration here.



Certificates of participation, abstract presentation and chairing can now be downloaded from the conference website.Simply log in to your personal space on and pop-up messages will appear, prompting you to print your certificates.



During the Closing Ceremony on May 26th, Prof David V. McQueen presented the synthesis of the concepts and ideas that emerged throughout the conference. His presentation can be downloaded here.



Abstracts from the conference have been published as a supplement in the journal Saúde e Sociedade. You can download the abstract book here.

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